Things to do in Napa Valley

Napa Valley has long been known for its picturesque views, regional cuisine, and remarkable wine selections.

Ever since the first winery opened in the area in 1859, patrons have flocked to this popular destination to enjoy the sizzling summer weather and the panoramic views of the Mayacamas Mountains.

But much to the surprise of many, there are plenty more things to do in napa valley besides wine tasting.

Sure, the plethora of wines that are available to sample will make any trip extra gratifying. After all, there’s nothing like watching the sunset from an outdoor patio while you savor the distinct flavors of our regional wines.

But too often, tourists experience Napa Valley with blinders on— so focused on our acclaimed wineries that they overlook all of the other exciting, one-in-a-lifetimes experiences that can be found right at their fingertips.

So, we have decided to compile a few of our favorite things to do in Napa California, in hopes that more visitors will explore all our beautiful countryside has to offer.


There are many ways to get around in Napa Valley, but few offer the immersive outdoor experience that horseback riding provides. Vendors like the Napa Valley Trail Rides make riding lessons and guided tours available to interested visitors, with excursions providing a unique, enchanting look at the country lifestyle Napa presents.
If you are interested in booking some Napa Valley tours during your stay, guided trail rides are an idyllic way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and fully benefit from the rejuvenating effects of nature.
One of the most renowned Napa Valley attractions is Castello di Amorosa, an 8,500 square foot Tuscan castle that was constructed to be entirely authentic. In fact, it’s creator, Dario Sattui, used only old, hand-made materials and built the structure using the same methods and materials that would have been used 700-800 years ago.
Some of the features of this stunning fortress include: a moat, drawbridge, five towers, high defensive ramparts, courtyards and loggias, a chapel, stables, an armory, and even a torture chamber.
When visiting the castle, tourists can take advantage of the 60-minute guided tours, along with premium wine tastings and food pairings.
But the true allure of Castello di Amorosa is the ambience. With sprawling mountain views and an undeniable old-world charm, it’s sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.
How amazing is it that nature offers its very own spa, created over thousands of years thanks to high volcanic ash content and geothermal heat? It’s quite a miraculous occurrence.
So it only makes sense we include our spectacular natural hot springs on our list of things to do in Napa.
Local establishments like the Napa Valley Hotel & Spa and the Baths at Roman Spa offer the perfect surroundings for a memorable dip.
Simply submerge yourself in the soothing, crystalline waters and let your mind wander as mother nature alleviates your body.
And, of course, delight in the flavor of your favorite wine while you drift away from reality.
There are countless photos on the internet of the beaches that line the Sonoma Coast, but pictures don’t do them justice.
The breathtaking views and soft, delicate sand that can be found along the 55 miles that make up the Sonoma Coast and their close proximity to the Napa Valley easily make beach hopping one of our favorite things to do in Napa Valley.
Some of the most scenic locations include Salmon Creek Beach, Shell Beach, and Bodega Bay, just to name a few.
These Napa Valley points of interest are perfect for tourists who are looking to experience more than just a cookie-cutter vacation. Pack yourself a picnic, bring along your favorite bottle of wine, or check out our most coveted whale-watching spots.
Whatever you decide to do, we’re confident that our pristine, welcoming beaches will quickly become some of your favorite Napa Valley attractions.
We’d be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t include our very own hot air balloon tours on this list.
Sure, perhaps it’s shameless self promotion. But we can state confidently that no other hot air balloon experience is quite like ours!
When you book a hot air balloon tour with us, your experience begins the moment we greet you. You are provided with an introductory beverage of coffee or tea, along with some light refreshments.
From there, we one of our friendly instructors will teach you some basic safety guidelines and share a little about what to expect from your balloon ride.
In the air, you’ll quickly notice that panoramic views, enchantment, romance, and excitement fill every colorful moment of this graceful adventure.
At to top it all off, we’ll take you back to the Domain Chandon Winery, where you can sip on a mimosa post-flight and even enjoy a complimentary breakfast.
It is our top priority to ensure that all of our guests with a level of excellence that can only be provided by one of the top hot air balloon companies in the world. We pride ourselves on giving our riders an uplifting journey (pun intended) they’ll never forget.
If you’re looking for things to do in Napa Valley, CA that surpass the ordinary, we encourage you to book your hot air balloon ride today.

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